Simpli Premium Melamine Dishware Mug 3.5” (SINGLE)

Simpli Premium Melamine Dishware Mug 3.5” (SINGLE)

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Unbreakable Dishware for the modern lifestyle.

Simpli Melamine Dishware Collection is made of premium shatter-resistant melamine. It is our modern take on melamine serveware. Inspired by the natural look and feel of stoneware, our melamine dishware has stone-smooth finish, elevated with modern straight edging, designed to make it stackable and space-saving.

The modern faux stone design adds a touch of subtle elegance to any tablescape, be it for a small gathering or indulging in a meal alfresco! The simple yet functional design and subtle yet stylish melamine dishware is a great addition to any dishware collection. It’s a perfect wedding, birthday, or house warming gift for families or friends too!

Simpli Melamine Dishware are:

  • Made of premium food-grade melamine that is Phthalate, BPA and Lead-free.
  • Shatter-resistant. Perfect for indoor or outdoor entertaining.
  • Stackable and space-saving.
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only.
  • DO NOT use in microwave. Melamine can withstand heat up to 70°C (158°F). Not recommended to be used for piping hot drinks and food items.
  • Can withstand cold temperatures as low as -30°C.
  • Avoid foods and sauces to be left to dry on the dishware (i.e. blackberries, coffee, tomato sauces ) as these may cause staining on white stone-feel melamine. Best to rinse off with water after each use.

Available other products in the collection:

  1. Dinner Plates (28x28x2.2cm) -  can also be used as a serving tray or decorative tray.
  2. Salad Plates (22.8x22.8x1.8cm) - perfect size plate for breakfast, snacks and anything in between. These can double as lids for our bowls.
  3. Bowl (15.2x15.12x5cm) - perfect serving bowl for 2, can be used as cereal bowl and as a decorative bowl.
  4. Mug (9x9x10cm) - 350ml standard mug, ideal for cold refreshments.

Care Instructions:

Rinse: While it may not be possible to wash your dishes right away, it is best to clear the leftovers from the plates and rinse with water. This will protect your melamine dinnerware from stains. Residue from food and sauces can dry up, and will consequently need vigorous scrubbbing, which in turn can scratch your dishes.

Clean: Only use a soft scrub. DO NOT use corrosive scrubbers like a steel-wool scrub. If there are stubborn dried-up food stains on your dishes, use a soapy soft sponge or soft-bristle toothbrush to clean.

Melamine Safety: 

The US FDA has conducted safety testing on melamine products, and has ruled that melamine is food-grade and safe to use on dishware. It has been found that melamine from dishware does not migrate into most foods under usual conditions.